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Out of the Box

Out of the Box

What is Out of the Box?

Out of the Box is a personal strategy program that empowers young people - particularly international students and new migrants - to better deal with the rising levels of uncertainty that characterise our personal and professional environments.

Do you want to be the hero of your own story? International students and new migrants - as well as young people in general - can often feel overwhelmed in front of the fast-rate of change brought about by technology and globalisation. How to develop a career when industries, economies and borders are shifting constantly? Heroes must act before they’re ready for it: they learn by doing. This is what Out of the Box is about: Australia’s first hero-school for international students.  

Program structure

The program consists of a two-hour fully-facilitated reflective core module, and two streams of supportive modules

Core module: Embracing uncertainty – How to deal with an increasing pace of change in your professional and personal life? Develop competence, confidence, curiosity and community (2h)

Module 1: Design your networks – embrace the power of creativity in this fully facilitated design thinking workshop, and collectively reframe the question: ‘how can I network better’ (2x2h - also available as a full day workshop).

Module 2: What is a conversation? – explore alternative strategies to have more powerful conversations, with a strong focus on listening skills and insightful questions. (2h)

Module 3: Count me in! – How can I gain experience? The way we spend our days is the way that we live. This workshop invites you to reflect on this essential truth, and identifies ways to do more things with your time, increase the value of what you do, decide what you can let go of, and collaborate better to learn and achieve more.

Module 4: 21 days – Execution is the common pitfall of great ideas. When it comes to personal life, execution takes the form of habits - changes in what we do daily that, over time, impact our skills and engagement. Join us on a 21 day adventure to develop one new desirable habit!