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We design new tools and models for cross-cultural education

The world we live in is more connected than ever before. People move across the globe as tourists, expats, refugees, economic migrants or international students. As a result, cultural and linguistic diversity has become the norm, in the workplace, at conferences, in schools and universities, in local communities, and even families. However, our systems and expectations have not yet caught up. Many people will therefore experience this diversity not as an opportunity for joyful discovery, but a problem to deal with. The result is often mistrust, fear, isolation, or broken communities.

We must invent the future of cross-cultural education. For this, we believe that a creative approach is needed. the Marco Polo Project Peer-Lab, launched in 2016, brings together diverse design teams to reframe challenges and invent new solutions, following a rigorous design thinking approach. The tools and models incubated through Peer-lab give rise to targeted impact education projects, and feed into the Marco Polo Manual - a repository of cross-cultural facilitation activities tested over the past seven years. Our team also provides facilitation and training support to share the core insights of our creative design work. 

All activities developed through the Marco Polo Peer-Lab aim to develop what we call 'the Four C's': curiosity, confidence, competence and community. Those four key competencies form the basis of a project we call the Marco Polo Evaluation Framework, which will help us asses and increase our impact. 

If you would like to to work with us on a new project, learn about our impact programs, join our team of designers, or receive a targeted training session - please contact us at or through our contact form.

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Inventing the future: Marco Polo Peer-Lab 

The Marco Polo Peer-Lab is a cross-cultural R&D Lab developing new programs, resources and activity formats for cross-cultural engagement. The Marco Polo Peer-Lab brings together diverse teams of designers working on emerging challenges at the intersection of cross-cultural engagement, globalisation, digital disruption and language education. You can learn about our emerging projects on this page

If you would like to join a Peer-Lab project, please contact us at or through our contact form

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Sharing knowledge: Marco Polo Manual

This manual presents a set of activities developed and tested over Marco Polo Project's seven years of existence - some originally created, others adapted. Those activities are designed to support better cross-cultural team-building, peer-learning and networking events. They form the basis of our Education Impact Programs, and can also be run independently or in combination. 


Measuring impact: Evaluation Framework 

How might we best appreciate the results of Marco Polo Project activities on participants, organisations and broader systems? Guided by the principles of effective altruism, Marco Polo Project is currently building a robust evidence-based model to measure and increase our impact. This is currently under development. 


Scaling up: education projects

Marco Polo Project is piloting and scaling targeted learning programs for people operating across cultures and languages. Our education projects focus on experiential learning models designed for international students, migrants and culturally diverse work teams.