Marco Polo Project
We bring cultures together
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We stimulate desire for cultural discovery

At Marco Polo Project, we believe that the cornerstone of learning is appetite for knowledge and readiness for personal transformation. As such, we want people to be more curious, and inspire them to become so.

A key milestone in our work has been the organisation of a global Festival of Digital Literature in 2014, allowing us to develop global partnerships and experiment with new forms of audience engagement. We now continue our work of inspiring learners through targeted education projects, collaborative translation events, and the curation of a digital Museum of stories and ideas from Asia. You can read more about our key projects on this page. 

We are always open to new ways of inspiring learners and audiences. If you would like to work with us on a project, please contact us at or through our contact form


The beating heart: Marco Polo Translation Club

Marco Polo Translation Club brings together speakers of Chinese/Japanese and English for collaborative translation and cultural deep learning. We run a weekly MeetUp in Melbourne and Tokyo, as well as pop up events around the world. Join the movement? Click below to learn more! 


Feeding the soul: Marco Polo Museum 

Marco Polo Museum offers a curated selection of original stories and ideas from China and Japan, formatted for Western Readers. Lose yourself in our bilingual collections for an intimate encounter with the inner world of Chinese and Japanese writers - or take one of our guided tours for a unique journey through fascinating aspects of contemporary East Asia.


Scaling Up: Education Projects

Marco Polo Project is piloting and scaling targeted learning programs for people operating across cultures and languages. Our education projects focus on experiential learning models designed for international students, migrants and culturally diverse work teams.