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Emerging projects

Emerging Projects


Marco Polo Project leads an ongoing process of research and development. We are constantly incubating new projects and looking for new spaces where our existing programs could scale. You can learn more about projects currently in the pipeline on this page. 

If you would like to discuss a challenge in your context and believe that our approach could be valuable, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at or through this form.


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Language Connector: role play for communication

Language Connector is a role playing game to support better peer-learning in language exchange settings. When attending a language exchange - and indeed most networking activities - we all naturally fall into a type. Language Connector identifies 6 archetypes, each with key strengths and their shadow side – and helps language learners better appreciate this diversity of roles, work on their strengths, anticipate pitfalls, and experiment with alternative strategies. Language Connector is currently in advanced piloting stage with various Melbourne-based youth organisations.


Froj': language learning as failure school

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, the capacity to deal with failure and difficulty is a more precious skill than ever. Froj' aims to harness the experience of learning a foreign language to help students develop the mindsets and skills to better deal with challenges in other areas, through three coordinated interventions in the language class. Froj' was developed in partnership with leading experts in high school pastoral care. A first complete version of the program is currently being piloted with Ivanhoe Girls Grammar in Term 4 of 2018.  


First follower: get the job that does not exist yet

One key concern of international students - and indeed most students - is how to get a job after their studies. But few spaces exist to question their assumptions about the job market - particularly the fact that the jobs of the future don't exist yet and a huge number of jobs are never advertised. This project – still in early stages – is looking for ways to equip international students with the skills and mindsets to develop and articulate professional attributes that will incite organisations to create a job for them, rather than looking for advertised roles. Design work is currently in progress.