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Education projects

Education projects

We develop scalable education projects that create intercultural spaces for globally-minded and community-connected learners

Marco Polo Project uses the power of human-centred design to create education projects for schools, universities and communities. All our programs are developed on the basis of a rigorous design process conducted through our in-house R&D lab. Our Education Impact Projects aim to develop both the skills and the mindsets required to operate effectively in intercultural spaces. They are designed to transform participants, as well as the systems around them. 

If you struggle with an intercultural challenge and believe our approach would be suited to your context, if you would like to learn more about one of our projects, or discuss a train-the-trainer package, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us at or through our contact form.


Intelligence by design: a creative approach to uncertainty

Intelligence by design is a modular program that equips young people with the skills and mindsets to articulate, explore and redefine key personal and professional challenges in the face of growing uncertainty. The program offers four connected two-hour modules that follows a human-centred design framework.

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Design for Diversity: from problem to problem-solver

Design for Diversity uses a human-centred design framework to create a learning and social environment where globally-minded students from different languages and cultures experience their potential as key agents of change. The program was designed and piloted with students from Australia and overseas at high schools and university level, with support from Study Melbourne, Cultural Intelligence, Beyond Story and the Foundation for Young Australians.

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Sharing knowledge: Marco Polo Manual

This manual presents a set of activities developed and tested over Marco Polo Project's seven years of existence - some originally created, others adapted. Those activities are designed to support better intercultural team-building, peer-learning and networking events. They form the basis of our education impact programs, and can be run independently or in combination. 


Measuring impact: Evaluation Framework 

How might we best appreciate the results of Marco Polo Project activities on participants, organisations and broader systems? We developed a unique evaluation framework, ‘the 4Cs’, to measure the core elements needed to build and maintain intercultural spaces: competence, confidence, curiosity and community.