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We pilot and scale cross-cultural education projects with high impact potential

Marco Polo Project harnesses the power of human-centred design to create new forms of cross-cultural education for schools, universities and local communities. Our Education Impact Projects address both skills and mindsets. They are designed to transform participants, as well as the systems around them. 

All our programs are developed on the basis of a rigorous design process conducted through our in-house R&D Incubator, the Marco Polo Peer-Lab. We focus more particularly on early-stage design and piloting. You can find a description of our key projects on this page.

If you struggle with a cross-cultural challenge and believe our approach would be suited to your context, if you would like to learn more about one of our projects, or discuss a train-the-trainer package, we would love to speak with you. Please contact us at or through our contact form.


Out of the Box: dealing with uncertainty

Out of the Box is a modular program that equips young people - particularly international students and recent migrants - with the tools and mindsets to develop more robust career strategies in the face of growing uncertainty. The program offers a core module of two hours and complementary modules focusing on building networks and gaining experience.

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Design for Diversity: from problem to problem-solver

Design for Diversity harnesses design thinking to create a learning and social environment more supportive of international students, positioning those students as key agents of change. The program was initially designed and piloted for senior high-school students. We are currently developing an adapted version for university settings.  

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Switch-On: recalibrating trust:

Switch-On is an independent consulting and training agency incubated through Marco Polo Project that specialises in preventing and addressing trust breakdown in culturally diverse teams. Switch-On nurtures team productivity and leadership potential by equipping participants with models to negotiate cultural and operational ambiguity in digital contexts.


Emerging Projects: inventing the future:

Marco Polo Project leads an ongoing process of research and development. We are constantly incubating new projects and looking for spaces where existing programs could apply. Click below to learn more about projects in the pipeline. We welcome suggestions and ideas, so - if you're working on an aligned project, or would like to explore one - please get in touch here.